There’s an indescribable joy I find in plush toys. Just the thought of them right now is flooding my mind with pure and utter squishy, soft happiness. The kind of happiness that makes you want to hug everything in sight. Unfortunately, I can’t actually do that because most people have boundaries and I respect that.

I love finding objects that most people wouldn’t consider to be their next best plushie friend (i.e. a turkey leg) and making it squishy and cute. My passion from sewing toys is a new one to me (est. 2009) but I’ve always been fascinated by pattern making and sewing.

I used to spend hours watching my dad, a very skilled designer/pattern maker/sewer, whip up couture and wedding dresses in our garage while we talked about everything from school to art to embarrassing stories. And my love of food? That’s from my mom the chef. Or as my dad calls her, “The Food Anarchist”. She doesn’t follow many rules and that’s what makes her so amazing. It’s never a dull moment in the kitchen. Put those together and somehow, you end up with me.

My plush toy line, Janie XY has been growing since our 2009 debut and we’ve now sold over 1,500 toys in over 83 cities around the world and counting! My boyfriend and I make all the toys ourselves with a little help from some family. And that’s it. No child labor. No outsourcing. Just soft, cute plush toys made right here in my hometown of Los Angeles.